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I am in a transition.

From boy to man. From baby cheeks to a rough beard. From skinny bones to strong flesh. From raw noise to carefully crafted sound. From screaming synths to soothing pads. From dissatisfaction to peace of mind. From doing same old to exploring new grounds. From questions to answers. From fitting in to walking my own path.

This transition is captured within the music. From incentive to manifestation. From observation to realisation. From motivation to letting go. From creation to confirmation. From reflection to setback. From recovery to bliss. Moving on as the transition is never ending.

Half of this album is my transition.

The other half is yours.

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"Nearly a year ago I started my musical journey into to the unknown, exploring new paths. Having never made an album before I sure knew I was up for a challenge, and looking back now it was even harder than I expected."

Bold Action's first album, "Transition", available on CD with beautiful artwork by Mandi Astola.

1. Bold Action - Transition (ft. Mandi Astola)
2. Bold Action - Old Sentiments
3. Bold Action - Nova
4. Bold Action - Driving Bassline (Album Version)
5. Bold Action - Letting Go
6. Bold Action - World Of Creation
7. Bold Action - Fix In The Mind
8. Bold Action - Reflection
9. Bold Action - Hard Times
10. Bold Action - Harmony
11. Bold Action - Rear View Mirror
12. Bold Action - Down To Earth