Catalogue number | CATID127

Geck-o – The Big Question

Can you feel it?! ‘The Big Question’ Geck-o poses here shall not go unanswered, as you dance to his high-energy playful beats. Heavily inspired by lighthearted 90s rave, this one is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face! Second feature ‘Unidentified Flying Acid’ takes down the tempo, but beams you right up into the more trippy realms of rave. It’s time to get on the acid train, and tap into that pulsating bass…

Cover doodles by Erika Nováková 🙂


  • 1. Geck-o - The Big Question
  • 2. Geck-o - Unidentified Flying Acid

Release date

Thursday 21st March 2024