Watch episode 02 of THE FUNKY TRACKS featuring Koarse!

POSTED 17th May 2024

In this second episode, Geck-o welcomes Koarse at his table. For more than seven years, these two have been bonding over good music - and that's exactly what they'll do more of in these two hours. Get ready for some all-time favorites, brand new bangers and unexpected sounds!

Watch the aftermovie of our PIRATE RAVE!

POSTED 20th March 2024

Presenting our new podcast THE FUNKY TRACKS!

POSTED 20th March 2024

Presenting our new show: THE FUNKY TRACKS! The concept is simple: Geck-o and a guest show each other music and talk about it! In this pilot episode, Geck-o welcomes The Punky Rat at his table. As one of our crew members, he has helped to set up this show over the past few weeks - and brought a load of special tunes while he was at it.


POSTED 20th March 2024

It's time to reveal the line-up for our Daytime Pirate Rave! We're excited to welcome on board:


Stay tuned for more names in the following days...

Get your tickets for our next Daytime Rave on 16 March 2024!

POSTED 20th March 2024

The Funky Cat returns to Utrecht with a Royal Daytime Rave on 16 March 2024!

This time we're restoring order up in this MF, by turning De Helling into a monarchy. We shall invite slay queens, kings, and their heirs from our long lineage of pedigree ...or shall we say imbredigree?

Order cannot exist without chaos. That's why every court needs a court fool. Without the jester, what kingdom is there to rule?

Peasants are invited too: after all, our fancy butts need to be wiped and we are not going to do it ourselves, or are we? Can we be fooled?!

Tickets are available now!

Tickets for our Daytime Pirate Rave arrre available now!

POSTED 29th May 2023

The Funky Cat returns in October for a Daytime Pirate Rave. Sands mean demands... but sea is free! All-hands-on-dechno, Rum & Bass, ARRcore - total genre mutiny!

We return to our favorite venue in Utrecht on the 7th of October, where we will be daytime raving from 15:00 till 23:00. De Helling will once again provide the perfect intimate setting for our wonderful party!

Pick your preferred price tier, depending on how much you can spend! You can choose between a regularrr ticket, a low income ticket or an extra support ticket.

Join the crew!

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat – FAERIES vs GNOMES!

POSTED 14th March 2023

Tickets for The Funky Cat – Daytime Pyjama Rave are available now!

POSTED 18th January 2023

Tickets for The Funky Cat - Daytime Pyjama Rave on the 25th of March in Utrecht are available now!

That's right, this time we're bringing the sleepover party to the daytime hours! It is time to fulfill your dreamy nightmares...

Don't sleep on this one!

Get the new Geck-o & D00d album on CASSETTE!

POSTED 15th November 2022

Geck-o & D00d have just released their brand new album HALLUCINALIENS. Next to the digital release, they're catering a very special collector's item: a fluorescent green cassette tape!

This is what happens when two good friends have a lot of fun in the studio. Over the course of three years, Geck-o and D00d have been crafting alien beats, tweaking ridiculous sounds and recording ineffable vocals in the hope that at least one other earthling would last the entire journey of this unearthly trip.

Extra special shoutout to our dear associates Mesloes, Lapizuli, T-dawg McKenna, the guy who thinks he's the reincarnation of Tupac, actual aliens, the guy who got us worried about tripping, T-dawg again, Rikster von Damn & The Funky Coyote, my secret crush, the hopeful gravedigger and those strange little creatures that got on our nerves: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EXISTING!

But guess what...

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #14!

POSTED 10th November 2022