Catalogue number | CATID119

Geck-o & STOIK – Into Space

Geck-o & STOIK are household names on The Funky Cat for a long time but, apart from a bunch of remixes they’ve done for each other, they had never joined forces in the studio to make music together. Until now, that is! They went to visit each other’s studios, and as a result treat us with two fantastic tracks. ‘Zuckerfrei’ was their first-born, and it’s blowing us away with mean, tough and heavy energy, taking heavy inspiration from oldschool detroit techno – definitely no sugar added. After this, they clearly needed an antidote and created the more light-hearted and melodic ‘Into Space’, where a vivid fantasy launches us right up to the stars and the extraterrestrials play their instruments, much to our delight.

To make things even more delightful, Erika Nováková has painted us a lovely piece of art for the cover!


  • 1. Geck-o & STOIK - Into Space
  • 2. STOIK & Geck-o - Zuckerfrei

Release date

Friday 29th September 2023