Episode 72 ~ Lucas Noordhoek guestmix

We have Geck-o's favorite didgeridoo player for this month's guestmix: Lucas Noordhoek! In his own words: "Enjoy this fresh collection of tunes horribly mixed together. It is a representation of electronic music from different parts of the world, both old and present music - but also a tune or two from the future... :) Let your ears be entertained, and make sure to do a little dance or two here and there. this mix contains many flavours, smells, sights and atmospheres!"


01. Plantasia – Mort Garson
02. Ganga Giri – Gone travelling
03. Ozric Tentacles – Yum Yum Tree
04. Ott – Little Tiny Elephant
05. Kypski – Headcrack live
06. Ammar 808 – Degdega
07. Hallucinogen – Deranger
08. Shpongle – The God Particle
09. Sevish – Guano Sequence
10. Francis Bebey – Sanza Nocturne
11. Geck-o ft. Lucas Noordhoek & Erika – Pangaea
12. Olive Tree Dance – Tea Tree