Catalogue number | CATID104

Geck-o – A Present From The Future REMIXED

Last year, Geck-o gave us hope with his album ‘A Present From The Future’. Now it’s the actual future, and we are delighted to tell you that this album got REMIXED! Get ready for six new interpretations in wildly varying styles.

We kick off with Geck-o’s own remix of ‘There Is Always Hope’, as he takes us to the local sing-and-clap-along party – on a high dose of acid. Can you handle the happiness? Our acid trip continues into D00d’s remix of ‘Invocation’, already dropped as a single ahead of this release. Through a shamanic synthwave ritual, he guides us to a wonderland of joyful hardstyle.

The ‘Invocation’ continues, but takes a darker turn with the Faestos remix. He takes us deeper into the psychedelic realms with mesmerizing acid melodies on a downtempo beat. Alnashea – some of you might know him better as Stana – goes all in on his Iraqi roots for his remix of ‘Pangaea’. Combining lush pads with the hectic traditional Zurna instrument, he gets us in a state of trance.

Narumik then comes to take the tribal vibe, and shreds it through the machine. His remix of ‘Extinction Rebellion’ evolves into a very unsettling beat, and plays into our fears with all kinds of gnarly sounds. Finally, MAHU has the A.I. take over the modular rig for his re-imagination of ‘All Endings Are New Beginnings’. A highly abstract soundscape gives us a glimpse of… the future?

From the most tangible to the most abstract, from high in the sky to the depths of the underworld – A Present From The Future REMIXED has it all. For the cover, we took the original album artwork by Erika Nováková and gave it a little remix as well!


  • 1. Geck-o - There Is Always Hope (Geck-o's Muziekfeest Op Het Plein Remix)
  • 2. Geck-o - Invocation (D00d Remix)
  • 3. Geck-o - Invocation (Faestos Remix)
  • 4. Geck-o ft. Lucas Noordhoek & Erika - Pangaea (Alnashea Remix)
  • 5. Geck-o ft. Erika - Extinction Rebellion (Narumik Remix)
  • 6. Geck-o - All Endings Are New Beginnings (MAHU's A.I. Take Over Re-imagination)

Release date

Thursday 4th August 2022