Catalogue number | CATID102

STOIK – Exklusive Brimborium

STOIK is back with some authentic Austrian artistry. He does not only provide fantastic textures for your eyes, but also two mesmerizing adventures for your ears. ‘Exklusive Brimborium’ drags you right in with its reversed bassline and steady rhythms, with magical melodies and otherworldly sounds unfolding on top. Drown in awe of its beauty, taste its vivid colors! ‘Sonder Gedöns’ stays under the radar with a very minimal beat in triplet rhythm, with carefully crafted melodic textures. All its hypnotizing details will grab your attention, and won’t let you go till the very end. Why did this track have an end actually?

The cover features a painting by STOIK himself, exklusively crafted for this release.


  • 1. STOIK - Exklusive Brimborium
  • 2. STOIK - Sonder Gedöns

Release date

Thursday 9th June 2022