Catalogue number | CATID084

Geck-o – Good Hope

Geck-o presents the second single from his upcoming album! Inspired by his visit to the Western Cape area of South Africa, ‘Good Hope’ captures its spirit and mashes it up with an eclectic arsenal of instruments for a surprising and soothing adventure. On the B-side you’ll find ‘Wai Wurrie’ – read Why Worry – and hey, why would you? This unapologetically happy piece of music will put you in a good mood, any time.

The beautiful cover is painted by Erika Nováková, and features Dassie the cape hyrax! Surprising fact: the closest relative of this species is the elephant…


  • 1. Geck-o - Good Hope
  • 2. Geck-o - Wai Wurrie

Release date

Thursday 18th February 2021