Catalogue number | CATID086

Narumik – Edgy Sawy Pink E.P.

Narumik debuts on The Funky Cat with a monster of an EP. In four bizarre, twisting, over the top tracks he explores the jagged edges of what bass music can be. Sometimes soothing, sometimes disturbing, but always full of unusual rhythms, otherworldly sounds and filthy basses. World, meet Narumik and his ‘Edgy Sawy Pink EP’, straight from France. Intense and challenging, but highly rewarding. Dive in!


  • 1. Narumik - Edgy Sawy Pink
  • 2. Narumik - Beyond Simple Sanity
  • 3. Narumik - Alluvium Mollygrubs
  • 4. Narumik - Wuxing

Release date

Thursday 25th March 2021