Catalogue number | CATID092

Geck-o & STOIK – Remix Reversal

Geck-o and STOIK have delivered two absolutely stunning remixes, driven by hypnotizing beats, mesmerizing melodies and reverse basslines. Geck-o has put his hands on ‘An Undisturbed Mind’, giving an exciting twist to a retro sound, while STOIK took on ‘Okay One More’, turning it into a great techno adventure. More of this combo please!

The fantastic cover art is oil painted by Erika Nováková.


  • 1. STOIK - An Undisturbed Mind (Geck-o Remix)
  • 2. Geck-o - Okay One More (STOIK Remix)
  • 3. STOIK - An Undisturbed Mind (Geck-o Remix - DJ Version)
  • 4. Geck-o - Okay One More (STOIK Remix)

Release date

Thursday 22nd July 2021