Catalogue number | CATLP006

Geck-o – A Present From The Future (ALBUM)

Geck-o tells a tale of hope through all times, challenging as they might be. We feel the urgency, so we connect with our deep roots on this planet and manifest our dreams for the world we want to live in. We can only imagine what our future will be, and that very imagination is what fires us up today. This album showcases an intense and fantastic vision of what might be, to experience right here and now. This is A Present From The Future.

The album features wonderful artwork by Erika Nováková, and is also available on 2×12” vinyl with extra artwork printed on the inner sleeves. The vinyl edition is mixed into the four chapters ‘The Time Is Now’, ‘Once Upon The Earth’, ‘World Wide Wonders’ and ‘What Kind Of Future?’, while the digital edition comes with both separate tracks and a continuous mix of the full album.

Geck-o is an adventurous DJ and producer, standing for a creative blend of intense dance music. With more than ten years of experience, he mesmerises his audience with cunning precision and deep understanding of the craft. He takes them on a journey through various musical colours, textures and landscapes, welcoming them into his world of creativity and abnormality.

Both Geck-o’s productions and on-stage performances can be described as intense, mysterious, immersive and powerful. Strongly connected with the audience, he elevates the vibration at any stage, inviting the crowd to go deep and give everything. Each musical ride Geck-o invites you on is an experience in itself, so allow him to stimulate your senses.


  • 1. Geck-o ft. Lapizuli - Watch Time Tick
  • 2. Geck-o ft. Erika - Extinction Rebellion
  • 3. Geck-o ft. Erika - Together We Build The Future
  • 4. Geck-o - Invocation (The Great Gift Of Life)
  • 5. Geck-o ft. Lucas Noordhoek & Erika - Pangaea
  • 6. Geck-o ft. Lucas Noordhoek - Original
  • 7. Geck-o - Good Hope
  • 8. Geck-o - DIgital Medicine
  • 9. Geck-o - The Augmented Age
  • 10. Geck-o - Trip To The Future
  • 11. Geck-o - There Is Always Hope (A Present From The Future)
  • 12. Geck-o - All Endings Are New Beginnings
  • 13. Geck-o - A Present From The Future (Full Album - Continuous Mix)

Release date

Friday 14th May 2021