Catalogue number | CATID090

Koarse & Wavolizer – Outer Space

Koarse debuts on The Funky Cat, dropping an insane collab with Wavolizer. ‘Outer Space’ is uptempo hardcore of the tastiest kind, creatively twisting and playfully surprising all through. Our cooks share a fascination for sound design and everything extreme, and you’ll hear that in the meticulously crafted details and skilfully waveshaped noises. You all know Wavolizer – a.k.a. D00d – as one of our regulars, and we’re sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from Koarse in this space as well.

Featuring cover art by Mesloes – fire up the rockets, push the BPM, we’re going to that planet!


  • 1. Koarse & Wavolizer - Outer Space
  • 2. Koarse & Wavolizer - Outer Space (DJ Version)

Release date

Thursday 29th April 2021