Catalogue number | CATID096

STOIK – You’re So Special Edition

You’re so special… We’d say that any day to STOIK, who delivers three awesome tracks for his new EP. As always with impeccable production and mesmerizing atmosphere, he kicks off with the opening track from his set at The Funky Cat #13. ‘A Mantra’ honors its title, combined with powerful lyrics and a liquid rolling psychedelic beat. Second is a VIP version of his ABSTRAKT album tune ‘Je Ne Pense Qu’à Toi’, with its kicks amped up and an even more intense arrangement. The last track might give you the biggest shock – remember ‘Clandestine Ingedient’? Well, we can’t really talk in such terms anymore with these new kicks. ‘Alles Ist Besser Mit Bass’, and you’re getting it, bigtime and distorted!


  • 1. STOIK - A Mantra
  • 2. STOIK - Je Ne Pense Qu'à Toi VIP
  • 3. STOIK - Alles Ist Besser Mit Bass
  • 4. STOIK - A Mantra (DJ Version)

Release date

Thursday 4th November 2021