Catalogue number | CATID098

D00d – A Delicate Blue

It is the year 1921, counting down the last days of autumn with the long darkness of winter upon us. The reflections of the city lights glimmer in our eyes, as we walk down the wet streets. Melancholic tones reach our ears from the famous jazz club around the corner, where we’re headed. When we take off our coats and descend the wooden stairs, the beautiful timbres of the sombre music fill our souls with sonic poetry. As we sit down at our favorite table and take a sip of our strong drinks, a short silence is heard, catching everyone’s attention. We turn our heads towards the stage, looking at the silhouette of the gifted artist behind his instrument. As soon as his hands start playing the delicate notes, all lights turn blue. The following minutes, we gaze enchanted as we witness one of those precious moments in life where everything just comes together in perfect synchronization. We will never forget this moment – the moment we hear ‘A Delicate Blue’ for the first time.

It is the year 2021, and D00d’s classic gets a reissue on The Funky Cat’s label with original artwork on the sleeve by Mesloes.


  • 1. D00d - A Delicate Blue
  • 2. D00d - A Delicate Blue (Long Version)
  • 3. D00d - A Delicate Blue (DJ Version)

Release date

Thursday 16th December 2021