Tickets for The Funky Cat #15 are available now!

POSTED 8th August 2022

Tickets for The Funky Cat #15 Daytime Rave on the 19th of November are available NOW!

We can't wait to welcome you all back to our creative space. At the moment we're cooking up an absolutely lovely theme and a rather juicy line-up...

Mark your agendas, tell your friends, don't miss out!

Win the original painting from STOIK

POSTED 9th June 2022

STOIK's new release 'Exklusive Brimborium' is out now (see our Releases section), and it comes with a fantasticly textured painting on the cover - made by STOIK himself!

As the generous guy he is, he would love you to have this artwork hanging on your wall. Sure, an image of it is cool, but we are talking about the actual painting here! Because there is only one piece to give away, we ask you to fill in the form through the link below. Three questions in there to see if you're actually as much into STOIK as you think ;)

On the 28th of June, we will raffle the painting between all correct submissions. STOIK will personally send it to the winner's address of choice!

UPDATE: the raffle is closed, congratulations to winner Kevin Kotilla!

Tickets for The Funky Cat #14 are available now!

POSTED 29th January 2022

Great news! We are confident that our next Daytime Rave can take place, now the Dutch government are relaxing their policies and things start opening up again. How about we kick off the Summer of Love on March 19th? ;)

Remember, our previous event was SOLD OUT, so we encourage you to get your tickets in time. This one's is going to be far out!

Our Daytime Rave is ON!

POSTED 15th September 2021

It were uncertain times for our crew, preparing for The Funky Cat #13 while not being sure our beloved party would even take place. But after all those setbacks the past year, the government announced that events can take place again after the 25th of September during daytime.

This means we can fully prepare without holding back for our cat-together on the 30th of October at De Helling in Utrecht. With only 75% capacity and that mandatory QR code, we're still not where we'd want to be, but it at least allows us to come together - and we can't wait to see all your happy scary faces again (hey it's Halloween, remember).

Be aware that tickets sales could go really fast at this point, as we can only use 75% of the capacity of De Helling. Low income tickets are almost sold out already, regular and extra support tickets limited. So go gather your friends and secure your tickets :)

New Geck-o vinyl album announced: A PRESENT FROM THE FUTURE

POSTED 26th April 2021

Geck-o tells a tale of hope through all times, challenging as they might be. We feel the urgency, so we connect with our deep roots on this planet and manifest our dreams for the world we want to live in. We can only imagine what our future will be, and that very imagination is what fires us up today. This album showcases an intense and fantastic vision of what might be, to experience right here and now. This is A Present From The Future.

The album features art by Erika Nováková, with a glorious and rich painting on the front cover and single artworks on the inner sleeves. Find all info on how how to get your hands on it via the link above, and ask away if you have any more questions!

You can now pre-order the 2x12" vinyl via the link below:

Something special coming up… The Funky Cat’s Whisker Club!

POSTED 3rd September 2020

The Funky Cat is back, but this time not with a rave. We present our exclusive Whisker Club, a unique listening experience limited to 50 seats - fully corona-proof. Sit down, close your eyes and let us take you on a 2.5 hour long trip.

Geck-o, D00d and bitface will select music you wouldn't likely hear on one of our raves, but still with the same quality, intensity, beauty and weirdness you've come to know from The Funky Cat. Our artists' signature mash-up of genres goes way beyond the effective dance floor bangers, and they'll take the opportunity to immerse you into mesmerizing soundscapes and amazing musical experiences, while not afraid to slip in some hard hitting beats.

With limited seats available, we expect to sell out fast. Set a reminder for Monday 7th September, 20:00 CEST - that's when tickets go on sale, so don't miss it. One ticket of €39 grants two joined seats, so that's €19,50 per person.

We're looking forward to meet up with our dear family again. Even if we can't hug everyone or shout in each other's ears, we'll be able to share our good vibrations. Set your reminder for the ticket sales, and see you at De Helling, 3rd October 2020! *strokes whiskers*

The Funky Cat #13 moved to 2021!

POSTED 2nd September 2020

The infamous #13 proved to be unlucky for us... Due to COVID-19, we're moving The Funky Cat's next daytime rave to the 6th of March 2021. Will this be our lucky day instead?

In the meantime, we're working on something that is not a rave... we'll share news about this very soon!

DUBSTEP – The Ultimate Throwback Mix by Geck-o

POSTED 19th May 2020

It is the year 2020. Dubstep has officially been declared dead years ago, and though few ever believed in its resurrection, the time has come. The following hour, you will be exposed to the most filthy and disgusting bass ever known to man. This is DUBSTEP - The Ultimate Throwback Mix by Geck-o. 60 minutes, 58 tracks + some extra features. The mix captures a very personal collection of favorites, mainly from the 2010-2013 period, with a few earlier and later released tunes. I invite you to ride the different waves in the mix, going up high and deep down again. I am not a purist, and can enjoy every kind of dubstep out there. You'll hear tracks from Doctor P, Skrillex, Emalkay, Rusko, Knife Party, Nero, Killsonik, Benga, Requake, Flux Pavilion and many others!

Order the new D00d album THE FUNKY DOG!

POSTED 17th February 2020

Brace yourselves for the totally unique, awesome, fun and utterly beautiful debut album from D00d. Let him take you on a very personal journey through the character of 'The Funky Dog', leading to complete surrender and embracing his unique flavour. May you find what you need in its story!

With over ten years of experience as a dj and producer - you might also know our Danish dude as Wavolizer - he has crafted his sound to perfection, and takes it to the next level for this true concept album. It's as much suited for big club sound systems as it is for the living room hi-fi experience, a sweet hammock-headphone combo, your bass-boosted ghetto blaster, or... well, you get the idea.

D00d challenges the listener with his many flavours and emotions, throwing big beat, hard dance and synthwave in the blender with bubblegum and a lot of bass. Most of the time it's so multi-genre it wouldn't make any sense to try and put the tracks into a box. So let's not do that. What we will do instead is press play, again and again, as we can't ever get enough of this masterpiece. Thank you, Kedde!

Featuring wonderful cover art by Mesloes, who has also contributed to many of the album tracks with her voice. The CD comes in a digipak case, and includes a booklet with lyrics and artworks.

Tickets for The Funky Cat #12 DAYTIME RAVE are on sale!

POSTED 20th November 2019

We're back back with our cross-genre DAYTIME RAVE in Utrecht, on the day that happens only once every four years... 29th February, leap day!

The Funky Cat brings playful, diverse and forward-thinking electronic music. Music that makes you dance, free from any boundaries. We build on a foundation of nice people and high energy, with a lick of art and mischief.

Geck-o & Friends will guide you through the night with an intense blend of music. Dance to psychedelic soundscapes, underground rave, groovy rhythms, bassy drums and twisted mindfucks.

Early bird tickets are on sale now, just click the link below and tell all your friends. Maybe follow the Facebook event page while you're at it ;)

Get ready for the Roaring 2020s!