Pre-order the new STOIK album!

POSTED 11th September 2019

STOIK presents 'ABSTRAKT', his debut album masterpiece. Our Austrian prodigy takes you in deep right from the first seconds till the last crackles, guiding you through his intense and unreal world of immersive art and wonderous beauty. Progressive beats carry psychedelic electronics, and tender vocals flow with the acoustic instruments. The soundscape is tweaked to perfection, showcasing STOIK's incredible production skills and ear for refinement.

Thirteen paintings are featured on the cover, each representing one album track. Our thanks go out to Inge Grund, Erika Walla, Sabrina Salzmann and Josef Lukaschek for providing their visual art as a perfect companion to the music.

Pre-order the CD with art booklet now! Orders will be shipped around the release date of 28 september, or pick it up at The Funky Cat #11 Daytime Rave in Utrecht, where STOIK presents his album showcase.

Geck-o’s new album is out now!

POSTED 31st May 2019

'Personality Test' is Geck-o's third studio album, showcasing his intense and versatile sound for the dance floor. As the trickster he is, he'll gently overwhelm you with beauty and comfort at first, only to all of a sudden turn it all upside down and inside out... Prepare for being put on the spot, where delicious paradoxes will blow your mind.

Selecting a collection of album exclusives and his best singles, Geck-o mesmerises the audience with a cunning precision and deep understanding of his craft. He takes them on a journey through various musical colours, textures and landscapes, a warm welcome into his psychedelic world of creativity and abnormality.

Both Geck-o's productions and on-stage performances can be described as intense, mysterious, immersive and powerful. Strongly connected with his audience's experience, he elevates the vibration at any stage, inviting the crowd to go deep and give everything. Each musical ride Geck-o invites you to join in on, is an experience in and of itself... so allow him to stimulate your senses!

Featuring cover artwork by Mesloes, based on face paint and photo by Erika Nováková. As a bonus with the physical release, Geck-o's previous album 'Alien Sound System' is included as CD2, with a little surprise at the end...

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #9

POSTED 7th May 2019

Watch the Farewell Ceremony @ TFC9… plus Geck-o’s “Gathering”!

POSTED 21st March 2019

Watch how we said farewell to P60 with a beautiful ceremony, featuring a poem by Mesloes. As a bonus, you get to hear Geck-o's album track Gathering for the first time!

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #8

POSTED 22nd February 2019

Geck-o psytrance special ~ The Funky Cat episode 39 ~ February 2019

POSTED 9th February 2019

Geck-o takes you on a pychedelic trip with this awesome psytrance special! Including two brand new premieres from his studio... With only a few words at the beginning and the end, no talks in between, you can dive in deep ;)

The Funky Cat #9 – poster artwork and full line-up

POSTED 8th February 2019

Behold, the amazing poster artwork by Mesloes. The cat is dead, long live the cat!

Geck-o ~ As always, main man Geck-o will lead the ̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ day with a long set. He'll take you on an adventure through many feels, sounds and genres to yet uncharted places. Get a taste ▷

STOIK (AT) ~ The word is out... our prodigy STOIK is working on an album! After his hugely popular set at TFC7 and a string of brilliant releases, we welcome him back at our final edition in P60. He will give us a glimpse of the goods he has in store for us... Get a taste ▷

D00d (DK) (big beat set) ~ Straight from LEGOLAND®, the D00d aka Wavolizer could not be missed at our party. This time, he will play a big beat set for us. Reviving the sound of the 90s with a modern twist, like his latest release "The Provider" and guest mix for our radio show. D00d, it's a way of life! Get a taste ▷

bitface ~ Mix master bitface is back at our last edition in P60. Going for a new challenge every time, he will select tunes with a trancey, ravey, oldschool feeling to close our party in style. If you're familiar with him, you know you can expect a diverse flow of quality music. If not, get a taste ▷

Q-Kumba ~ We have invited Q-Kumba to open our party in style with his warm blend of awesome and joy. As an extremely versatile DJ, he always brings quality music with great feeling to the dancefloor. Do you have feelings? Good, you'll definitely enjoy his set! Get a taste with his episode of The Funky Cat kitty mix ▷

OUT NOW: Geck-o & D00d ft. Mesloes – Trick Me

POSTED 16th January 2019

Geck-o & D00d join forces again for an extremely eclectic single, mashing blues with psytrance and distorted kicks with trumpets and organs! Our own trickster Mesloes guides you through the track with her voice, and sings a mesmerizing melody that will stick with you forever...

To max out this release, 'Geck-o's Rave Edition' keeps it straight for the dancefloor with a retro touch, and the 'Chaos Collision Remix' showcases D00d aka Wavolizer's new drum and bass project with an insane and immersive reinterpretation. Finally, to make the original that bit easier to mix with, a 'DJ Version' is also included.

The fantastic cover art is by Mesloes as well! Wonderful.

Out now on all streaming and download platforms!

The Funky Cat #9 – our last edition at P60, but the first at daytime!

POSTED 15th December 2018

The Funky Cat will return to P60 for a final edition. At daytime! This will be our final edition at this amazing venue. Let us gather to dance a proper farewell to this amazing venue, our homebase for the first seven editions. But while this chapter is ending, we're already introducing something new: a daytime event. Much requested by our following, we're taking part in the revolution. More energy to go intense and stay healthy. Be kind to your body, folks.

Tickets are available now, see the event page:

The Funky Cat #8 full line-up release

POSTED 21st August 2018

Geck-o ~ As always, main man Geck-o will lead the night with a long set. He'll take you on an adventure through many feels, sounds and genres to yet uncharted places. Get a taste

Broken Note (UK) ~ We have invited a very special guest from the UK. Broken Note brings dark, intense and diverse bass music. Having released on legendary labels like Methlab, PRSPCT, Ninja Tune, Division and OWSLA, we don't need to say much more. Expect monstrous, sub driven sound innovation! Get a taste

Naveya ~ We are welcoming a live band for the first time at The Funky Cat! Psychedelic, tribal and sparking the imagination: Naveya brings live digital sounddesign from an acoustic source moving between light and darkness... They did an amazing performance at the legendary Ozora Festival, and for us, they will show their most intense and danceable side. Get a taste

D00d (DK) ~ Wavolizer brings his experimental project to The Funky Cat once again. After a brilliant performance at the previous edition, and two heavy, deep and dirty releases on our label, we could not miss our favorite dude from Denmark. Get a taste

bitface ~ Opening the party with a special psychedelic bass music set, our resident bitface will set the mood for the rest of the night. Get a taste