The Funky Cat #8 tickets available now!

POSTED 13th August 2018

The Funky Cat comes to De Helling in Utrecht for the first time. It provides the intimate setting that we love, combined with a big sound system! The city of Utrecht is located in the middle of The Netherlands, and is well reachable from all directions the wind blows.

As always, main man Geck-o will lead the night with a long set. He'll take you on an adventure through many feels, sounds and genres to yet uncharted places. Full line-up will follow soon, tickets are available now.

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #6

POSTED 5th March 2018


POSTED 19th January 2018

The Funky Cat opens the doors to its wellness resort at P60 Amstelveen on the 16th of March. Join our steaming soundbath, cover yourself in filthy basslines and wash it all off with soothing melodies. Our artists will guide you through a dirty cleansing ritual!

Geck-o ~ As always, main man Geck-o will lead the night, this time with a long set. He'll take you on an adventure through many feels, sounds and genres to yet uncharted places. Let him purify your dirty mind, and dirtify your pure soul! Get a taste

Wavolizer presents d00d (DK) ~ Wavolizer presents his new experimental project at The Funky Cat, with a unique and diverse blend of styles. Here's a taster of the heavy, deep and dirty sound he will bring! Get a taste

STOIK (AT) ~ We free-released his creeping track "The Stranger" around Halloween, and we're already lining up a few EPs of his new work - straight from Austria - to release this year. To give you an impression of his progressive, psychedelic and subground-ish style, he's featured on our radio show with a guest mix! Get a taste

Bold Action ~ Releasing this man's album was such a proud moment last year... And he's back at The Funky Cat! A lot has been happening in Bold Action's life, which for sure can be heard in his new music. Deep, heartfelt emotions translated into sound. He will play a special opening set, to initiate our seventh edition in the way it deserves. Get a taste

bitface (drum & bass set) ~ For a perfect high energy closing of the night! High quality DnB in all styles mixed together, from liquid and neuro all the way to crossbreed and industrial. Get a taste

Watch the AI interview: Geck-o – Something Different

POSTED 15th November 2017

Artificial Intelligence is the buzz right now - it is happening, and it will have a big impact on our future. Geck-o teamed up with experts from the Asimov Institute to explore the possibilities for AI in music, and he used the outcome in his new single :) Let him tell you something about it in this interview!

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #5

POSTED 2nd October 2017

The Funky Cat #6 will bring a taste of Japan… cute but creepy!

POSTED 24th August 2017

The Funky Cat will be back on Friday the 6th of October. This time with a Japanese touch... cute but creepy!

Geck-o -- One year after the release of his Alien Sound System album, there's lots of new music to present. Leading the way for The Funky Cat, he keeps looking for new musical realms to explore, introducing and surprising his audience. Surrender to the waves, and you'll find yourself dancing to a deep psychedelic journey.

Chris One (SE ~ cross-genre set) -- From Sweden, we have Chris One bringing an intense blend of many styles. Expect him to go through a tasteful selection of darkpsy, hardtechno, industrial, hardstyle and many other genres like they were always meant to be combined. Having a long history with Geck-o, dating back to the earliest Theracords days, we are happy to introduce him to our Funky Cat!

bitface -- Not only the key figure in organising the event, but also a brilliant selector of the best underground dance music. With his next-level transitions, he always manages to add new dimensions to the tracks he's mixing. Expect him to bring a broad selection of music you've probably never heard before.

Pietro (vinyl set) -- As a true crate digger, Pieter Vis will open the night with a special vinyl set. We know him for selecting the greatest gems, pure and with soul.

Sloperij Janssen (Japan special) -- If we can trust someone to shake things up a bit... ;) Prepare for an insane intermezzo with the cutest, creepiest and outright fucked up shit from Japan. Smashed up, thrown in a blender and pushed over the top before it reaches your ears. Can you dance, or does it leave you nailed to the ground in awe?

Photronics -- Our favorite Niels Verkaik will bring his guitars and hardware effects to do a wonderful ambient live performance in the chillout area.

Bold Action album release & shop launch

POSTED 14th June 2017

Bold Action's debut album "Transition" is out now on The Funky Cat. You can buy the CD, with beautiful artwork by Mandi Astola, in our brand new shop!

You'll also find Geck-o's vinyl album "Alien Sound System" and t-shirts with The Funky Cat print available to order.

Of course we recommend getting the CD, but "Transition" is also available for digital streaming and download on all platforms. See the Releases tab on our website for all relevant links.

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #4

POSTED 7th June 2017

Lots of reasons to celebrate at The Funky Cat #5 – check the full lineup and poster!

POSTED 2nd May 2017

Your favorite cat is back on Saturday the 10th of June, and there's a lot to celebrate!

Geck-o's birthday (with surprise guests) -- Just two days before his birthday, The Funky Cat is the perfect place for its founder to celebrate. Expect him to take you on a deep journey through confetti-space and party-time ;) Next to his solo adventure, he has invited some really special suprise guests to join him...

ACTI (IT) - We all know him for his Subground sound, and his performances at the legendary QULT parties. He has been following the evolution of The Funky Cat, and is ready to bring something fresh to our party! Expect lots of new exciting music, a mix of different genres and of course some cheeky Subground classics. ACTI is back, 2017 style! ??

Bold Action album release + showcase -- Yes! Bold Action will release his debut album in PHYSICAL form at our party! He'll do a special showcase set to go with it, bold and beautiful deep space action. Shivers guaranteed :)

Two And A Half Kings -- Who??? The longtime fans will know... ;)

How To Be Invisible -- With his new project, Geck-o will show you How To Be Invisible. More information soon.

Watch the aftermovie of The Funky Cat #3

POSTED 17th January 2017